Kansas DUI Defense Attorney Discusses DUI Offenses Involving Drugs

One of the ways in which a driver who is charged with DUI may incur additional penalties is if they are also suspected of driving under the influence of any drug or combination of drugs that could affect their ability to drive safely. Drivers who are convicted of the crime of DUI involving drugs may receive any and all standard DUI penalties, plus penalties for the drug charges that relate to the other substances that were present in their system at the time of their arrest.

Penalties for DUI can be harsh, and the license suspension, fines, and other consequences can have a big impact on your life in many ways. You could encounter difficulty in keeping your job if you are unable to find reliable transportation to get to work. Fines and other fees could put a strain on your already tight budget. Requirements like classes and counseling also cost money, and you have to find transportation to attend them. When you add drug charges to the equation, you could have to spend time in jail, pay additional fines, and more. A conviction for DUI involving drugs will affect your life in even more ways than a standard DUI conviction.

As with any offense, there is always the possibility of a successful defense against charges of DUI involving drugs. The defenses that may be available to you will depend, in large part, upon the unique circumstances of your case. For example, the police must have a reasonable suspicion that you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs before they can investigate you. If the suspicion was not reasonable, it is possible that you may use that as a defense. Sometimes, police officers ask drug recognition experts for help in determining whether an individual is likely under the influence of drugs. Some of the methods that the “experts” use to assess individuals and determine whether they are under the influence of drugs are questionable, in terms of their accuracy. This could be another possible avenue for a defense. Physical evidence like blood and urine samples can also provide a means for a defense if they were obtained illegally, or if there was some problem with the way that they were handled or tested.

A conviction for DUI involving drugs can have serious long-term consequences. An experienced Kansas DUI Defense Attorney can help you to decrease the chance that you will be convicted by carefully analyzing your case and building a strong defense on your behalf. Your Kansas DUI defense Attorney knows how to protect your rights, your freedom, and your driver’s license. There is a lot at stake in every case where a driver is charged with DUI involving drugs, and your Kansas DUI Defense Attorney is dedicated to helping you obtain the best possible results. If you have a question about DUI involving drugs, or, if you need representation, please call (316) 264-1548 today, to speak with a Kansas DUI Defense Attorney.




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