Kansas DUI Defense Attorney Discusses Personal Breath Testing Devices

One of the best ways to avoid getting a DUI is to avoid driving while intoxicated. If you have ever enjoyed an alcoholic beverage or two in the company of others, you understand that the state of being intoxicated can look very different from one person to another or even for the same person on different days. While it can be interesting to guess how intoxicated you are, or to assess whether someone else is drunk or sober, guessing alone is not a good idea if you are trying to gauge your own or someone else’s level of intoxication for the purpose of deciding whether either of you should drive. The consequences of getting a DUI are severe, and there is just too much at stake to put your safety on the line without knowing for sure that you are okay to drive.

Fortunately, there is another way to assess your blood alcohol level – the breathalyzer test. It is not possible to know whether your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit without taking some sort of chemical measurement, like a blood test or a breathalyzer test. Unfortunately, the breathalyzer testing devices that are used by police departments cost thousands of dollars. Thanks to recent innovations in technology, breath testing devices have been developed for personal use, and they are being offered to the public at affordable prices.

There are several different types of personal breath testing devices available for purchase, including some models which feature Bluetooth capabilities that can be used to send information to the user’s smartphone. Personal breath testing devices cost between thirty and one hundred dollars and they can achieve close to the level of accuracy that professional quality breathalyzer devices attain.

Personal breath testing devices have the potential to help users to enjoy themselves responsibly, and to avoid getting behind the wheel if they have had too much to drink. They are easy to use, and they are available for sale online as well as in stores. If you choose to invest in one of these helpful devices, be sure to read and follow all of the instructions closely so that you will obtain accurate readings.

The availability of personal breath testing devices could reduce the number of DUI arrests if drivers use them to make more responsible choices. Unfortunately, some drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol are not at all intoxicated. When the police make a mistake and arrest an innocent driver, that driver deserves the very best defense. DUI charges can have serious long-term consequences, and a Kansas DUI Defense Attorney can help you to protect your rights, your freedom, and your license. There is a lot at stake in every DUI case, and your Kansas DUI Defense Attorney is dedicated to helping you obtain the best possible result. If you have a question about DUI defense or if you need representation, please call (316) 264-1548 today, to speak with a Kansas DUI Defense Attorney.


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